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          ABOUT US

          ABOUT US

          Hubei ZZL Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is located in convenient transportation of the second big city of Hubei province -- Xiangyang City, National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone Industrial Park. The national high-tech industrial development zone luster industrial park. The company has two national patents—the integral low head curved continuous casting machine patent that has been 10 years of development history. And we specialized in manufacturing casting machine. Setting design manufacture, installation, spare parts four-in-one at the core of the business model. The products are exported to Vietnam, Bangladesh, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Africa, Egypt and other coun...

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          CONTACT US

          Contact: MR.YU.

          Phone: 18671050674

          Tel: 18671050674

          Email: hbzzlchina@163.com

          Add: Building C5, Second-stage Guangcai Industry Park, (National) High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Xiangyang, Hubei China

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